Conducting Clinical Trials for FMCG Sector - A Case Study
FMCG companies function in an environment of high competition and fickle customer loyalty with many brands touting their superiority. In such a scenario, the presence of empirical data to bolster a product claim can provide a company with a strategic advantage in the marketplace. As a result, 'claims studies' have become an important facet of a FMCG company's R&D spend.

But are FMCG companies making the most of these claim studies? In this webinar we share a case study in which we leveraged the innate skills of a clinical research organization to streamline the claims studies across hair care, skin care and oral care for a large consumer goods company and generate high quality data to improve their ROI.

Key Learnings from the Session

  • Changing trends in conducting FMCG research
  • Challenges in conducting trials for skin, oral and general hygiene products
  • Effective use of project management skills to optimize trials
  • Moving beyond claims – how companies can use data for innovation
  • How FMCG can learn from Bio/Pharmacos in conducting clinical trials

Who Should Attend?

  • Clinical science managers in FMCG roles
  • Research and development associates in skincare, oral care, general hygiene, hair care & nutrition
  • Management roles in FMCG companies

Speaker Profile

Monica Razdan

Senior Project Manager – Clinical Project Management

Monica Razdan, Sr. Project Manager at SIRO Clinpharm, has over 13 years of clinical research experience. She has been working with SIRO since 2008 and has managed clinical trials in the therapeutic areas of oncology, diabetes, respiratory, ophthalmology and haemophilia. Over the past two years she has been leading several clinical studies for one of the leading FMCG companies.
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